Mission & Vision

Our goal is to make quality kitchens and furniture, constructed with attention to detail from precious materials, with original functional and aesthetic solutions that are also timeless, with production and material flexibility.
We can achieve these results by applying digitalisation to processes, to the development of innovations protected by patents and, last but not least, thanks to our long-standing experience and passion for kitchens.
We build open, equal and trouble-free relationships with our partners based on reciprocal appreciation.
We offer our contribution so that an increasingly larger number of people can experience their idea of "living together".


We are located in north-east Italy, in the province of Pordenone, near the borders with Austria and Slovenia. The Alps soar before us but we are still only 80-km from Venice.
Ours is an industrialised area, a territory that has a strong manufacturing vocation, especially in the engineering and furniture industries. Here, collaborations between companies are based on close, long-term relationships. We are in direct contact with master craftsmen, small specialised companies and large suppliers. Direct contact with suppliers and the trust we have in them allows us to satisfy even unusual requests.


We are digital craftsmen. We makers combine the flexibility, precision and efficiency made possible by Industry 4.0 with our long-standing experience in the kitchen manufacturing sector.