We feel responsible for everything we are doing and for the way we are doing it. We try to produce in the most sustainable way and to bring the impact of our production on the environment and on society down to a minimum. Our products are long lasting and can be broken down into single elements and into reusable and/or recyclable materials at the end of their life-cycle.
We also pay attention to materials and processes.
We have stopped using plastic packing material and use cardboard instead. Our plants are heated and cooled using efficient heat pumps that do not release harmful emissions into the air. The electric power we use is generated by renewable sources and produced by hydroelectric power plants situated in the Italian Dolomites.


Generally speaking, the C02 footprint of chipboard has a smaller impact on the environment than other materials because C02 stays "trapped" in wood fibres.
Our chipboard comes with a P3 water-repellence certificate and respects the strict Californian standards (CARB2 certification) for formaldehyde emissions. It is made entirely from wood sourced from recycled packing materials instead of virgin wood so that this resource can be used more than once. On this topic, please watch our supplier Saib Spa's video (below).