As well as being functional elements, cabinets become pure, sculptural volumes. Each single element – base unit, drawer, worktop – is integrated by means of homogenous surfaces without metal handles that would detract from their sleek beauty. The feeling of a pure volume gives space a refined, timeless appeal.


We prefer not to interrupt streamlined design lines with handles. Just like any other object, handles are influenced by changing trends, they become out-of-date as well as complicating door maintenance and cleaning. That's why we have developed the Libera handleless channel created by with a panel fitted behind the door whose finish can be chosen to harmonise or contrast with the material the door is made of.

This functional element follows the horizontal and vertical lines of the fronts. It also has a strong creative power because its finish can be chosen by the customer. The handleless channel is used cleverly. Freedom to choose materials and colours offers endless planning possibilities. You can choose the design of your kitchen by harmonising the materials for each single element or accentuating one or more details by opting for different colours and finishes.

This also applies to tall units with sliding doors and dishwashers. For the handleless channel line, aesthetics are defined by planning ideas and not by requirements imposed by appliances and tall units with sliding doors. This allows you to achieve aesthetic consistency in terms of lines and materials and cabinets reveal their functions only when they are being used.
The result is timeless elegance and beauty.