The evenly-distributed horizontal grain gives the island – as well as the surrounding space - an elegant and natural appeal, conveying a sense of quality, warmth and wellbeing to the room. Thanks to its warmth, Lignum adds balance in a harmonious dialogue with materials that are intrinsically colder than itself such as glass and marble.
Nevertheless, there are some details that have to be respected.
The position of the wooden breakfast bar has been accurately studied: it's been put next to the volume defined by the island or by the peninsula thus increasing its depth without overlapping with the top and without being separate from it. This position keeps the work space large and prevents crumbs or liquids from getting into the gap between the wooden breakfast bar of the island and the worktop.
The wooden breakfast bar is the island's clearly-visible and recognisable distinguishing feature.
We have thus obtained a furnishing item in which aesthetics and practical ideas coexist elegantly.


Even when materials are thin, the bracket system makes for sturdy fastening to the back panel and to the projecting top.
The brackets are flush with the bottom of the island and remain invisible, making it look as if it is floating – an important detail in open space arrangements. In addition, it becomes easy to install and take care of downdraft hoods recessed in the worktop.
An optional aluminium edging is available to protect the edge between the worktop and the island.