The plinth is fitted against the base of the whole block of kitchen cabinets. It is fixed to the front and side of the carcass that stands on feet. For improved ergonomics, the front plinth recedes from the front of the block of kitchen cabinets so that the user can get nearer to the worktop.

On the other hand, the side plinth is usually flush with the cabinet.We have chosen a different solution for the sides of our kitchen.To add a sense of dynamism and lightness to the whole kitchen volume we recede our side plinths as well. In this case the reason is purely aesthetic.
For us, a kitchen is not just a space to work in but also a place in which it must be pleasant to live. The recessed plinth is one of the small yet important details that make our kitchens spaces where wellbeing reigns.


Usually the feet that support kitchen carcasses are fitted below cabinet side panels and have a load-bearing function. If the foot is moved inwards to make room for the receding plinth it will no longer support the cabinet's side panel and this may make the bottom panel bend. Convivio's solution to this problem consists in placing two drawn aluminium bars under the side panels into which the feet are fitted. This guarantees the cabinet's stability.