Glass, in its satin and gloss versions, is a material that is particularly suitable for the kitchen because it isn't porous and is extremely resistant to heat. It is also sturdy and easy to clean. For the Libera door we have chosen tempered glass coated on the reverse side with water-based lacquer. Thanks to its pure aesthetics, glass is a versatile material that easily adapts to different design styles. The colour options can be easily combined, both for a tone-on-tone and a contrasting finish.
Convivio uses 4-mm thick extra-clear glass for fronts and 10-mm thick extra-clear glass for side panels and worktops. Glass offers exceptional colour neutrality and excellent light transmission properties. The inner surface of drawers and deep drawers is protected by a scratch-resistant panel.
We never use traditional lacquered panels because glass, as well as offering superior scratch and impact resistance, offers a decidedly more precious and attractive colour intensity.



Care and cleaning
Scratch resistance
Stain resistance
Heat resistance
Resistance to chipping
Breaking strength
Breaking strength


Depending on its direction, light produces different effects on gloss fronts, creating a visually brighter space. A gloss glass surface also expands indoor spaces. The light on surfaces also reflects any greenery present in the garden or on a terrace, transferring it into the kitchen. Outdoor open spaces therefore enter your home. Fingerprints are very visible on gloss surfaces but they can be easily removed.
Colours different from those shown in our catalogue are available on request after having checked for feasibility.

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