We use only resistant, long-lasting materials for our kitchens. We work with materials that have been designed and developed to be used in everyday life. Their surfaces are protected by means of special finishes aimed at camouflaging fingerprints and at protecting them from scratches and impacts. Laminate features a silky, matt surface that is pleasant to touch, water-repellent and easy to clean. It's a perfect material for the kitchen.
Nevertheless, not all laminates are the same and there are huge differences in terms of quality.
For this reason we have decided not to use thin, 0.9-mm thick sheets of laminate applied to MDF or chipboard panels. Instead, we use 4-mm thick laminate applied directly to the frame with no backing panel. This means that there are no glued-on edges and we can guarantee total water resistance.



Care and cleaning (excluding black*)
Scratch resistance
Stain resistance
Heat resistance
Resistance to chipping
Breaking strength
Price/quality ratio

*We advise against using black for laminate worktops because it is difficult to remove some stains – especially greasy ones - from this colour. This does not apply to the other colours.


The surface finish of the "sei due" version of HPL from ABET Laminati Spa which we use, is more porous than the others which makes fingerprints less visible.

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