We choose our materials carefully, combining top-quality, skilfully and competently-chosen surfaces with functional, well-balanced details that leave room for playful accents. A unique kitchen capable of combining emotional wellbeing and practicality, warmth and convenience is born from putting together technical skill, aesthetic taste and the pursuit of functionality. Every small, personal detail - together with your planning choices - contributes to making your kitchen a place that feels really you.
Studying proportions by observing nature and carefully choosing materials and colours are the fundamental factors that have allowed us to design timeless kitchens. Each detail can be customised by you to become a distinctive element that generates awe and creates unexpected pairings and a personal style that turns a kitchen into your kitchen. The character of the kitchen will be determined by the materials you choose for the doors, worktops and side panels. This versatility of choice has a great impact on your kitchen both from an aesthetic and a performance viewpoint.
The materials listed here are available from our catalogue for fronts, worktops, alcoves and end panels. All materials offer advantages and disadvantages. We have chosen the ones we think are the most durable and the most beautiful both from a functional and an aesthetic viewpoint. That's why we have decided not to use lacquered or resin finishes because they feature poor resistance to scratches and chipping, therefore we don't think that they are suitable for kitchens.