One of our distinctive marks is the handleless channel recessed into the door with a rear panel integrated with the kitchen front. The material and colour of both panels can be chosen by the customer. The handleless door becomes a functional element endowed with creative power. The definition of the horizontal and vertical lines of the design is in no way affected. The handleless channel can be positioned on the door in an intelligent and flexible way, depending on the desired design results.
Various arrangements can be achieved courtesy of our colour and material options. A uniform, single-material approach can be adopted to achieve an even effect or, alternatively, contrasting colours and materials can be used for a more eclectic and playful result. The recurring detail of the handleless channel is the discreet element that guarantees timeless beauty.


Good design is the sum of details well-defined in terms of the relationship between their form and function: the aluminium-framed doors are, in our experience, the best solution in terms of lightness, durability, versatility and aesthetics. Our frame is concealed until you look behind the front.
We have called our door "Libera" (which means Free) because, from many viewpoints, that's exactly what it is.

- Free in terms of the choice of materials.
The frame can support panels made of various materials such as laminate, glass, wood or ceramic. This gives us a chance to choose.

- Free from heavy materials that absorb water.
We do not use chipboard or, mdf for the fronts, which are constructed using completely waterproof thin materials. At the End are Fronts that are lighter than traditional ones. This has a positive effect on the lifespan of hinges and drawer runners that support the weight of doors and fronts.

- Free from glued-on edgings.
Contrarily to traditional chipboard doors, ours don't have glued-on edges that can come unstuck.

- Free from handles.
A handleless door features pure, elegant lines. The minimalist appeal of handleless lines conveys timeless simplicity and an ageless structural linearity that isn't affected by the passing artistic trends typical of design.

The slim, 3-mm gap between doors and the invisible frame ensures formal purity and a style that lasts over time. A cabinet designed like this doesn't look as if it is made of single components but is perceived as a balanced whole featuring compactness and precision. In fact, it looks like a kitchen with the consistent, uniform lines resulting from a clear concept. This comprehensive creation guarantees timeless beauty.
The material used will also determine how easy it is to open the door with a handleless channel. Whether the door will be easy and safe to open even if your hands are wet or the channel is slippery depends on many details. We use soft, food-safe, silicon rubber gaskets that make it pleasant for the fingers to come into contact with. The reeded finish on the aluminium profile creates a grip that allows the hand to grasp it easily. There is also a grip at the bottom of the door so that the wall units can be opened easily and safely.
The absence of handles makes cleaning surfaces child's play.