Our idea of a modular kitchen is a cabinet that fits in with the architecture, a piece of furniture that blends in with the space it is installed in, creating a design that bears witness to an all-round concept. We also attribute great importance to functionality. With the patented Mirabilis mechanism we have been able to unite both these aspects.
In the wall version the kitchen can be concealed at the simple movement of a hand. The "curtain" – formed by two horizontal fronts - falls elegantly concealing any untidiness in the kitchen, whose functions remain cleverly concealed. With a simple gesture the kitchen becomes an element with a clean, linear volume.
The kitchen withdraws, like an actor behind the scenes, and the open space goes back to being a living room through and through. The kitchen becomes visible again, revealing its function, only when someone lifts the panel.

People often meet in the kitchen where they like to spend a lot of their spare time with family, friends and guests. Cooking is sharing, socialising, participation and fun. For us, the kitchen is the lively and vital hub of a home.
In modern interior design projects the kitchen is usually connected to the living room. This way of dividing spaces brings both advantages and disadvantages with it.
We have tried to find a solution to this new demand, using design to pursue essentials and functionality without forgetting aesthetics. The result is our "Mirabilis – the magic of space" system. Here we have combined design, ergonomics and technology. The pleasure of moving around in a space that is aesthetically well built and functional conveys a pleasant feeling and enriches our daily life by uniting the logic of practicality with an emotional utilisation of spaces.


The Mirabilis mechanism is hidden away in the two, 10-cm thick side panels and it functions thanks to two counterweights that run on pulleys by means of toothed belts. Just like a Swiss watch, it's silent, sturdy and reliable as well as being strictly mechanical.
For this mechanism to work, there are some dimensional features that must be respected: a minimum cabinet depth of 60 cm, a minimum ceiling height of 240 cm and a maximum front width of 360 cm.