The kitchen island is the type of arrangement that offers extra storage and work space while favouring social interaction and sharing to the greatest extent. It's definitely pleasant to talk to family and friends while you are preparing food instead of being obliged to turn your back to them. The possibility of using an island as a food preparation unit or a dining table is also interesting in this context. Generally speaking, a projecting top is added so that part of the island can be used as a surface for a quick snack or as a practical surface to share a cooking experience.

With the innovative Integra island you can choose if you want to use it as a large worktop or if part of it will become your food preparation unit. There is a smooth transition from one material to another and the projecting top is supported by steel brackets concealed by the side and back panels. They are integrated with the rest of the island and give it a sculptural, well-proportioned appearance.
The Integra island with food preparation unit is full of personality and a place where functionality fully meets the power of creativity, giving the kitchen a distinctive look. All surfaces are well-balanced and harmonious while volumes are aligned with precision and smoothness. The continuity and pureness of the materials create aesthetic coherence.


The cleverly-concealed bracket system makes for sturdy fastening of the back panel and of the projecting top. We have designed the island so that even slim materials can be conveniently used. Installation and removal for maintenance purposes of downdraft cooker hoods fitted in the worktop become child's play.