Lighting determines the mood of a room, making it inviting or unfriendly. Depending on the lighting, the same room can seem flat, technical and cold or warm and comfortable.

We need a different type of light, ranging from ambient to functional or decorative, depending on how we are using the kitchen. We therefore offer an extensive choice of practical, 3000K or 4000k, energy-saving led light bars or spotlights that can be installed either inside or outside cabinets.


Perfect worktop lighting must not dazzle the user but it must provide clear and pleasant light. We usually use a led light bar or a led strip fitted on the outside of the wall unit's bottom panel so that it is in view. Alternatively, the led light bar can be fitted on the wall unit's bottom panel but the downside of this solution is that the carcass is weakened and the lights are interrupted between carcasses. Convivio has invented a more efficient and aesthetically pleasant solution.
The flexibility of our system allows us to produce doors of any height. We therefore prefer to make our wall unit doors longer at the bottom to hide the led light bars behind them. This solution directs the light towards the worktop so that it doesn't shine in your eyes; A clever and practical solution that discreetly directs the light where it is needed without creating shadows.